How many miles on your Nissan?


Hello everyone. I have just recently went over 300.000 km :)

We got this beast a year ago and it need some catching up on important maintanance items :

- New bushings in rear control arm/trailing arm upper and lower ( if i was doing it again i would replace the arms not just the bushings to much work )
- New KYB struts and rear Monroe shocks
- New stabilizer bar bushings front and rear
- New calipers in the front with new pads
- New thermostat ( prevantative maintenance )
- New radiator houses ( preventative maintenance )
- New serpentine belts ( preventive maintenance )
- New rear stabilizer bar links ( they wore worn out )
- New idle control valve ( still working on making it idle properly )
- New o-rings on oil cooler ( they wore leaking )
- New front main crankshaft seal ( it was leaking )
- New fuel filter
- New brake fluid

Things I need to do :
- New exhaust, I did patch up the old one and is fine for now )
- Replace rear main crankshaft seal as its leaking
- New springs all around
- Make it idle properly again
- I think I need new swirl control valve ( got the code for that )

I think that will be it so far and more info is on my Build :)
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48500 mi on my 2011 fronty and just recently had to replace my starter. Other than that, it has been steadfast!


190,000+ miles of Sunday driving to church only on overcast days with temps between 70-88 degrees.


2001 Xterra

Bought this 10 years ago with 59,000 now it's got 190,000. Nothing major has gone wrong that would strand me. Did timing belt at 105k, replaced 1 ac hose, master window switch, distributor, and steering box over this 10 years. Did put in a new bigger radiator and replaced all the water hoses. Did a couple sets of pads and rotors which were just wear items, did replace the rotors with cryo treated Power slots and Hawk pads. However in this same time frame I've put on a full set of Shrockworks skids, sliders and front and rear bumpers, modified the rear bumper swing out tire carrier to also carry 2 gas cans and a high lift, shovel and pull pal and added a 10,000 lb Warn with synthetic rope. Did a 2" body lift. Have a full SLR steering kit, 3" upper control arms and differential drop installed by SLR. Had a local shop build a custom set of rear springs with an additional leaf. Have a set of Bilstein 5100 and 5125 shocks. Installed a Baja rack full length roof rack to mount my Eezi-Awn roof top tent. Installed an Extreme Outback Extremeaire compressor between the rear bumper and spare tire well where it's well protected and readily available for air up when needed. Have a set of steel wheels with BFG 33/10.5/15 mud terrains for serious off road use and a set of Nismo rays with 285/70/16 BFG all terrains for street and less technical off road use. Have a set of Lightforce lights on the front bumper and had a set of projector H2 Hid headlights built. Installed a Locka front locker and factory Nissan front manual locking hubs. Have National Luna portable battery pack to power the Arb fridge and provide a backup in case the main battery dies like it did in Death Valley leaving me somewhat stranded for 3 days. Both batterys are Optimas. Installed a Gibson exhaust and a Volant intake kit with a Power aide throttle body spacer. Stock stereo replaced with a Kenwood and all speakers replaced with Rockfords. Sorry, got a bit carried away as this was about how many miles on the vehicle. All in all it's been very reliable and except for the add ons quite reasonable to own other than only averaging about 17 mpg stock, now closer to 14 depending on how much goes with me on my adventures.
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2002 Xterra with 188,000, bought it with 171k and have done general maintenance and about to replace the shocks out of want, not need.

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