How many miles on your Nissan?


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Hey guys, I want to start a thread about how many miles we have on our trucks. Also, along with mileage, please post any issues, parts replaced, etc...
I'll start;
2011 Pro-4x Frontier with 53,xxx miles
I'm on my second set of tires, but other than that all replaced parts have been a "want" not a "need".

I drive A LOT of highway miles, and I'm considering buying a little 4 banger commuter car. Trying to see if it would be beneficial to spend the money on a car, or just let the miles stack up on the truck. I fully intend on getting at least 200K out of the truck. Thoughts?


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2004 Xterra. I think I'm around 155k. Bought it with 147k about 5 months ago.
- All necessary engine maintenance (hoses, timing belt, spark plugs, etc)
- all 4 shocks replaced
- rear leaf pack needs to be replaced (underweighted)
- front sway bar bushings need replacement

I too am considering a 4banger as a DD. Easy on the wallet for gas but I think it all evens out after insurance and other costs.
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172000 on a 2007 Xterra here. I've just done regular maintenance aside from the passenger side front wheel bearing. I bought crappy parts the first time around and had to replace both sides at once about 20000 miles ago.
Nice thread. And good infos so far.

I would like to see some real miles!!! 150,000 and up. But any miles is good. Also, would be nice to accompany your post with a pic of your car. so, we can attach a face to the story, lol.


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'90 Hardbody SE-V6 5sp. 4x4 418,000! All original drivetrain! has been hydro-locked once.

parts replaced due to wear or breakage;
replaced syncro's several years back
one cv axle
2 fuel injecter.
center driveshaft bearing
driver side motor mount (replaced with HD mount)

5th gear bearing needs replacing.
a little TLC after being neglected for a couple years.

but still starts right up!



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This is a really bad picture but oh well.
2001 Pathfinder Nismo Black Edition (SE)
1 ignition coil changed and 1 air filter change. Spark plugs, cv axles, lower control arms, front lower control arm bushings will soon be replaced as well.
The entire suspension coils and shocks and struts have been upgraded. Im looking to upgrade my brakes as well.
While driving it makes lots of clicks going over bumps.. Ill have to upload a video but its making me put FatMax in the interior this summer.
Other then that.. at around 167,xxx, runs like a champ.


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I have an 83 Patrol with 365,000ish km's. I had an 84 Patrol with 400,000km's. Both SWB hardtops with SD33 diesel engines, 5spd, C200 front axle and H233 rear.


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1999 Frontier EC 3.3 Auto.

253,500 miles.
Sundry maintenance items: tires, brakes, battery, plugs, fluids, timing belt.
Repair: ignition rotor replaced 220,xxx, steering box replaced 245,xxx
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2001 Xterra, 4x4, auto

205,000 km (127,000 mi)
- knock sensor
- timing belt/waterpump
- serpentine belts (twice since I have owned, the second time just recently)
- all four shocks
- torsion bars
- leaf springs
- front brake pads and rotors
- AC condensor
- fan blower motor resistor

I think thats about it. Although I will soon be doing some work on the steering system and I think i have an O2 sensor out.


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2007 Titan CC 4x4

I traded my 2000 Frontier for my Titan in 2007, the Fronty had 165K at trade in.

153,000 on the Titan clock. So far - regular maintenance, fluids, brakes, etc.

Repairs outside of Normal Maint-

RF unit bearing
Exhaust rotted through in one spot of pipe- fixed with two clamps and a pipe adapter.

Repairs currently needed-

Plugs (this is maintenance really)
LF Unit Bearing
right side exhaust manifold is leaking. Has integral catalytic converter, so not a simple fix. no codes or CEL so far, so engine still running fine.
Have a bad TPMS sensor.
Needs new shocks too. But I consider that normal wear and tear.

Other than that, a great truck and I expect to get another 100K out of it. My 16 yr old will soon start driving it. We'll see how it holds up to that!
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