How does everyone finance a used adventure van

Looking to buy a 49k 2018 transit that’s mildly uplifted

vin Numberis tied to a cargo van I can’t find one bank that will do a used auto loan. No cargo vans.
I’m putting half down can’t get a loan for 30k from anyone

I guess unless you do be loan and the rates 7-8 percent


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I didn’t know it was an issue when I bought my sprinter either. I wrote a check for my e series and didn’t think anything about financing the sprinter. Somehow my credit union prequalified me but the bimbo on the phone didn’t input the model number, only “Mercedes”. So I showed up to pick up the van and the sales guy was like so you got a commercial auto loan? Umm say what....?

They recommended ally auto, one of the few that do this apparently. It was 6% interest and either a max of 60 or 72 months. Not ideal. Fortunately I was able to pay it off after about a year when I sold my house and moved money around.

The other thought is possibly refinancing your house if you have equity, line of credit etc.


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Also remember that the bank is only likely to finance the basic value of the cargo van. Probably fine with a substantial down payment like you have though.

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I had ally auto with my Chevy I’ll look into it what a pain I did the same thing Gave deposit for a transit ready to go and bam the guy at bank messed up

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Find out what it takes to convert the cargo van title to an RV title in your state.
Then you could qualify for an RV loan with the lower rates you are looking for.
Often times they are looking for a toilet, place to cook, permanent bed, every state is different.
Its likely this would have to be done by the PO before paying for the vans title.
In Idaho it looks like this,
(4) As used in this section, the term "recreational vehicle" means a motor home, travel trailer, park model recreational vehicle, truck camper or camping trailer, with or without motive power, designed for human habitation for recreational or emergency occupancy. The term "recreational vehicle" shall not include pickup hoods, shells, or canopies designed, created or modified for occupational usage. School buses or van type vehicles which are converted to recreational use are defined as recreational vehicles. Specific classes of recreational vehicles are defined as follows:
(a) The term "motor home" shall mean a vehicular unit designed to provide temporary living quarters, built into an integral part of or permanently attached to a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis. The vehicle must contain permanently installed independent life support systems which meet the American national standards institute (ANSI) A119.7 standard for recreational vehicles, and provide at least four (4) of the following facilities: cooking, refrigeration or icebox, self-contained toilet, heating and/or air conditioning, a potable water supply system including a faucet and sink, separate 110-125 volt electrical power supply and/or LP-gas supply.


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Yep, get the currently owner to title as RV, then loan process is much easier.
Otherwise you will only get a loan for the basic rig and have to do something else for the difference.
That’s what I’m trying to do is get loan for basic I have 18 saved up it blue books stock for what my loan is it’s having to do with the vin being tied to a commercial work vehicle and every credit union says they can’t do a loans


I usually pay cash, but a few years ago I hadn't saved enough for the truck I wanted. I used 3% unsecured loan with good credit. They don't care what you buy as long as your credit is great.

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I usually pay cash, but a few years ago I hadn't saved enough for the truck I wanted. I used 3% unsecured loan with good credit. They don't care what you buy as long as your credit is great.
credit is near perfect so the 6-8 percent interest they advertise for a used car is incorrect maybe I should call instead of doing a online app

thanks for all the help
I guess a clearer question would be

how would someone buy a used ford transit cargo van for Kelly blue book that’s essentially what I’m trying to do. Even a sprinter. the commercial vin takes Away most banks.

I guess I’m asking for lenders that don’t mind that vin for personal use