How do you transport your fishing rods?

An option is a brand called rod armour. They do the rod socks, lure wallet and securing strap to protect your gear.

IMO I'd just take the reels off the rod as it only takes 5 minutes to set up and you can store them in a tuff case.


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For my one piece surf rods I've got a piece of 4" PVC with a cap glued on one end and a ground water monitoring well locking pin on the other; I run a small cable through the lock and then my Yakima bars. It's easy enough to cut a piece of PVC with a string but it'll keep most folks from messing with them. I take the reels off. My fly rods are two piece and travel in a rod case, my spinning rods travel behind the seat or tossed on top of my sleeping bag in the back.