How do you mount your popup camper to your truck?

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Mine uses spring loaded torklift fastguns, attached to lag bolts through the deck on my flatbed.

You can see the system in my camper thread, its all contained inside the bed. Nothing exterior and quick to take on and off.
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For the record, I was at a 3 day concert and saw some really sketchy setups. One guy had a set of ratchet straps looped onto his truck at random places and had this nylon fabric holding the camper to his truck bed.

Right now I am considering buying this trailer. I really like the idea of all the storage but if I don't design the tie downs right the storage won't be accessible. It looks like the read bumper is sturdy and could be a good place for a tiedown. Maybe the front frame could also give a tie down spot.

The trailer is a long drive away, so I am trying to figure this out before I go to look at the trailer.View attachment 538762View attachment 538763View attachment 538764
I have a utility bed on my F250 with an Alaskan camper in it. I just ended up bolting it through the floor, since I of course couldn't use a turnbuckle system. It's actually much better than having turnbuckles yank at the corners of the camper as the truck flexes off road. In the rear I have 2 x 1/2 grade 8 bolts in the aisle of the camper and in the forward part I put 2 more at the wider part of the camper. Been working great for several years.


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With a Tacoma there are two flat bars that use existing bolts to mount to the truck bed. I attach the camper to those using Torque Lift Derringers which do not loosen like turnbuckles and are easy once you get them tuned in. No connections are outside the truck bed, nor is any additional drilling needed.