How do you carry your rifle in your open Jeep? Show Me.

Heading Out

I'm looking for ideas for a rifle rack for my Jeep YJ, I don't run a hard top, so this is an open top
Nothing will be left with the Jeep unattended. so I'm not looking for a safe, and in plain view is totally acceptable here.
I'm thinking rack like in the back window of an old school pick up sort of thing.
Show me your solutions!


Expedition Leader
Most of the Jeeps I own came factory with rifle holders.🤩 I think I remember you used to be able to get rifle holders for YJs and such that went between the front seats and the rifle butts were on the trans tunnel while their barrels stuck towards the rear and up at an angle. But that was 30-40 years ago and the days of seeing rifle racks with rifles in them in the back window of a raised 4x4 at your local high school are long gone.

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Kapitis Indagatoris
Rolled up in an old indian/Mexican blanket on the floor board behind the front seats. It still works in my truck in the mountains.....


multiple types made for utvs easily installed in jeep. Like the Kolpin case for the protection from dust and water. They make multiple types of installation brackets for the case for different vehicles which would work in a jeep

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