How deep can 4x4 vans get you? Beginner questions...


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Old off-road proverb: four wheel drive just gets you more stuck.

This has been my mantra for the last 11 years. I still hunt, fish, and camp, but since going back to a 2wd truck I have yet to get stuck. I might have to walk a little further to get to my destination, but I am not breaking parts, spending hours digging myself out, or needlessly wearing out expensive/noisy/heavy tires.


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Bring it on! 4x4 vans are badass. I'd kill for a 3/4 diesel van from the last 10yrs, like something from Ujoint Offroad. You said it's an older conversion, so maybe find out some info on who did it/how it was done? Quigley is still in business, I think most other 4x4 van conversion companies from the way back machine are out of business or were one off's done by the owner.

Try to find one of the options here.

Newer (like the last 10 yrs) Fords and GM vans I think can be done with pretty much off the shelf components or a donor truck and some fab work, anything from a professional company like Quigley will have a lot more documentation and community support backing up the build as they were products sold in some volume. Whereas stuff from the 70s/80s depending on who did the work, are likely a tad bit more custom and organic...


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The vehicle is not the issue off roading. A lot of "trails" have several choices to go either thru/over obstacles, or around them. The issue is the drivers ability more than the vehicles capability.

On 4WD and low range and lockers. None of those things get you more stuck but they do give you more control. Most any 2WD pickup can follow where I drive my Rubicon but he will often need speed/momentum to not get stuck or spin out and he will often end up chewing up the trail, throwing gravel everywhere and maybe breaking his truck.

4WD, LowRange, Lockers are all about tread lightly and don't break anything and don't get stuck.


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There have been a few times that I wish my van was a 4x4. BUT considering the extra costs I will just drive smarter. That may mean stopping before getting in too deep, going with another vehicle or staying home when the weather really sucks but so be it.