How can I make my pop up more sturdy?


Ive just got done re-doing my pop top on my van, its the style where the back lifts up higher than the front. I just installed new hinges on the front that lift the front a good foot higher than it previously did, for more standing room. that plus I insulated the roof, added solar pannels and a fan, so its a good 40-50lbs heavier, and higher, so it sways quite a bit more. I wouldnt trust it in heavy wind.
I dont have the canvas made/installed yet, and i know that should help. I definitely need to get stronger gas struts, ill probably go with the locking style so they dont compress when i get snowed on.
As I have it now i have 2 90lb, 45" gas struts, and thats it, I have 2 shorter 20lb gas struts im thinking of using for the front/low end, to make an "A" shape across the front. OR i could use those or other struts on the sides, so i'd have 2 struts per side.
any ideas??


My FWC rebuild lifts the roof 34", and was not sturdy at all until I added canvas. Once canvas was in, it became very stable. I think I would update the gas struts for the weight, but not do anything beyond that until the canvas is in, as it [instability] might be a non-issue.

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