How about a sliding drawer catalogue?

The bumper and slider catalogues are great, I really like seeing what other people have done. What about sliding drawer systems? Anyone willing to post pics and a brief writeup of their solution, similar to the bumper/slider threads?



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I was so impressed with the drawers in some of the rigs I saw online that I decided to make my own.

The carcase is 3/4" maple plywood, the drawers, 9 mm Baltic Birch. It's VERY heavy! (Probably 100 lbs). It is roughly a square, fits the full width and depth of my FJ40.

The drawers are the same width, but different lengths. The longer drawer is the full depth of the back of my FJ40 and is lockable. The right drawar is about a foot shorter because I designed in a battery compartment that sits behind the passenger seat. It has a hinged lid and recessed ring pull. My secondary battery, various wiring, and isolator are tucked in there.

The drawer slides are rated at 400# for the long drawer anmd 150# for the short drawer; each is a full extension slide, heavy duty, very pricey (not for the faint of heart).

The unit is bolted through the floor of the cruiser and has tie-down rings down the center and around the edges.

I could only find one photo to post (it's just before I applied the varnish). I'll see about some more tomorrow of the unit in the cruiser.


Mine are home built by a carpenter who is very good. He has built quite a few for the 60 and 80 series Landcruiser. They are designed to be used hard and not fall apart, so they are a little on the heavy side.

The drawers slide on a plastic slide and are designed to function when dirty, mucky and heavy (they actually slide easier when full of stuff). You'll notice that the handles are cut into the front and rear drawer panel, this allows you to pull the entire drawer out and carry your tools to the scene of the carnage....or the campsite. The weight capacity is unknown but I'm sure it can hold more than you can carry.

I had mine built with some adjustable tie-downs and the capability to add a fridge to one on the drawers. I'll lose some storage capacity when I add the fridge but that's ok with me.

The drawers mount through the body to the factory mount locations that are used in some markets that had 3rd row seats.

FYI - The pics show one half of the configuration in the back of my rig, you can see the studs that allow the two halves to bolt together.


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I'm loving that last design. I've been shopping the internet for some premanufactured drawers that I can build on.(my carpenter skills were left out of Tim2.0 at manufacturing)
I think the tuffy box might be the way to go for a hack like me. What type of plastic is it that it slides on? Can we see a pic?


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UMHW PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene) is a very good choice for a slider plastic. No idea if that is what was used or not. Can use normal wood working tools to shape it. Get it from McMaster-Carr.

For roller type sliders I don't know if Austin Hardware has been mentioned b4 (being a NuB here), but they are a good source for all kinds of sliders, latches, handles & what-not.


I just finished mine. Well not actually finished. The fridge slider and tie downs are left to do as well as some locking latches.

3/4" maple plywood, dadoed and biscuited. Lee Valley acuride slides, Home depot marine carpet.