Hot-Shower Cassette-Toilet Neon Tent Trailer: SOLD


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Heavily Re-engineered 2006 Fleetwood Neon Tent Trailer for Sale in Northridge, California!

We bought the trailer new, used it for several years, and then had it customized by an RV dealer in 2011 with:
*Propane water heater and pressurized water system
*Inside Shower
*Permanent electric pump cassette toilet with outside access
*20 gallon (approximate) onboard water capacity
*85 Watt solar panel, 1750 Watt inverter
*LED interior lights
*Exterior lights that illuminate without being blinding
*Deep cycle battery and dual propane tanks
*Original propane furnace
*Original electric brakes
*Slide your Yeti in and out with the tent down
Over the years we:
*Added 15 inch wheels and tires with new fenders. The fenders attach to frame cross members and the top rail of body. Not to sides.
*Reverse blocked axle to lower the body of the trailer. Can lift body about 4 inches by removing blocks
*Stored military scissors jack on frame to raise trailer for tire changes
*Shorted tent length and altered bed so that tent can be raised and the tow vehicle gate can be opened while still hitched. We put lines on that barrel out the sides of the tent and give tent a lower profile. Contrast to it other Neons in past classifieds. You may like it, or may not.
*Added Sunbrella fly to add weather resistance and additional warmth to tent

Issues: I weigh under a buck fifty and my elfin wife is a size two. This arrangement works great for us, but may not work for you. Everything shows wear because we have used the trailer a lot and sometimes in bad conditions. Switches/controls are on the front wall under the bed and it is inconvenient to slide under the bed to reach them. Window plastic is brittle and there is one crack. Shower curtain is getting stiff and has small flaws. There are some rough edges under the bed. Spare tire is agricultural and not for highway use. The fly covers the solar panel when on.

The original modifications were made to keep my wife happy camping, and the expense was worth every penny because we were never tempted to buy and store an RV. It's nice to have an inside toilet at night and a warm stand-up space to dress or cook on a Jetboil hung from the ceiling. We later altered the tent and bed so we didn't have to unhitch the trailer to set it up, and to present less surface area to the wind. It makes a cozy place to shelter when it is cold, windy, dark, or all three. The skinny "spare" and small propane tanks allow the gate of our jeep to clear the tongue when it is opened.
I'm proud to say we've used it behind the van as much as behind the jeep because of long road trips to visit and haul stuff to our military kids. It has excellent highway manners when you need to cover distance or have a trailer-timid co-driver.
We are selling the trailer now because we put an Ursa Minor top on our jeep a few years ago. We've used the two in combination on longer trips, but find ourselves limited to quick overnighters now.
If you are LASD, the trailer is in the NCCF classifieds also.

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It should be simple to remove the reverse blocks and replace the axle with a longer one to accommodate larger tires.

The hard part would be lifting my mini-van to match!