Hoping These Military ATV Rigs Will Start to Show Up In The Surplus Marketplace


Too Much Fun Club, founder

The Marine Corps' off-the-shelf utility vehicles are getting some big upgrades



It sounds basically like they are just modding them to make them street legal.

“The team started fielding the UTV's Road March Kit - comprising turn signals, a horn, and a rearview mirror - last March. Marines from III Marine Expeditionary Force requested these features be added for safety, especially when transitioning between training areas on roads also used by civilian motorists.
The Road March Kit upgrade, along with the other vehicle upgrades, underscores the importance Marines' user feedback is to the acquisition professionals tasked with delivering products to the warfighter.”

Still, that might mean we are going to see them in the civilian market in the not too distant future. That’d be nice because they look pretty capable and can carry a ton of weight and gear.


Military vehicles do not have to meet any safety or emissions standards, hence they can only be licensed for parade use in many states and only if they are completely "stock" as in collector or vintage vehicle stock. 2020 just tightens existing legislation at the federal level.

In the past a vehicle had to meet the legislation in place at the time it was manufactured so vehicles older than 1970 were exempt but legislation is changing slowly to even ban those vehicle from "regular license plates".
Not the case here in Michigan. I built out a Jeep CJ-10a (originally an Air Force tug), and had no issues licensing it for street use. I did have to have it visually inspected prior as part of the process (not the stringent annual inspections that occur in many states).