Hoping These Military ATV Rigs Will Start to Show Up In The Surplus Marketplace


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Here’s the current entries in the competition to be the U.S. Army's New All Terrain Small Truck for Our Airborne Troops

Take a look at what just hopefully might be available to the rest of us, someday down the road as milsurp (sadly minus the mounted guns though)! Any one of these would be much more fun to run off-road than surplus Humvees.

“The U.S. Army is about to conduct a drive off among three competing trucks, all aiming to become the service's newest ride for paratroopers. The Infantry Squad Vehicle is a high speed, lightly armored truck that will jump with airborne troops out of airplanes and allow soldiers to quickly move off the drop zone....only one will be selected as the service's Infantry Squad Vehicle, which get paratroopers off a landing zone in a hurry.”

The GM entry, which “is actually based on the Chevy Colorado mid-sized pickup truck, complete with ZR2 off-road suspension package. The vehicle is 70 percent of the commercial vehicle, or commercial parts.”

“The Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) is essentially a passenger-carrying truck that can drop out the back of an airplane. Once on the ground, a nine man squad of paratroopers will pile themselves and their equipment in the back and then quickly move out toward their objective. The ISV will allow an airborne assault force to choose a drop zone farther from enemy defenses but still quickly converge on a bridge, highway interchange, or enemy airport. The ISV prioritizes speed over armored protection, an easy choice to make since a heavy armored vehicle can’t be airdropped anyway.”

The DAGOR Polaris entry, which features a turbo diesel engine and can run for 500 miles on a tank of gas. DAGOR has a 4,000 pound hauling capacity.

And the Oshkosh entry, the Flyer, which is already in service with the military is a compact truck with a roll cage, machine gun mount, and the ability to haul 5,000 pounds:
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The Polaris back seat looks very cramped, but maybe that's due to the angle of the photo.


I will be surprised if these are sold as surplus. Bad enough not having a dozen airbags but no doors?

The safety fanatics and govt lawyers will condemn these to the same fate as the M151.

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Can't wait for Tesla to get into the military truck market..you would have a choice of charging options..pull a diesel generator or a full solar array and pray for good weather..


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I see they base the RZR and ATV on the Polaris range but the Dagor A1 must be purpose build? Can it really be on a XP chassis with all that increased spec? But indeed a Polaris product, very interesting
With a 4000 lb payload, I doubt it's using the civilian XP chassis in coyote tan. The claims about off-the-shelfness likely have more to do with other parts shared with the civilian models. That would keep cost down and parts availability up, or at least provide a fig leaf for the sales folks trying to get military buy-in.


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Here is the Gladiator entry...but sadly it isn’t projected to ever hit the private ownership market😬
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Here’s the write up if you’re interested in reading more:
Looks like a Gladiator with tube doors and a clumsy front bumper. Nothing more special than that. 🤷‍♀️

Staying true to their roots, if Jeep slapped a Patriot Warfighter decal package on it and added full tactical cupholders, they'd sell well.

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Too bad the last round of EPA regulations make all surplus military vehicles unlawful for highway use after 2020
Thx for bringing this topic up. I recall reading about this a ways back in regards to the big trucks, but can’t recall how far the rigs went. Can anyone expand a bit further on the full scope of this prohibition? Was it only covering the heavy duty diesel trucks or did it include all milsurp rigs?


My Uncle drove a government issued Jeep in Europe
Military vehicles do not have to meet any safety or emissions standards, hence they can only be licensed for parade use in many states and only if they are completely "stock" as in collector or vintage vehicle stock. 2020 just tightens existing legislation at the federal level.

In the past a vehicle had to meet the legislation in place at the time it was manufactured so vehicles older than 1970 were exempt but legislation is changing slowly to even ban those vehicle from "regular license plates".