Homemade expedition trailer build


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trailer rides way better now. we got a bit carried away this weekend on the trail with it, and the shocks, lighter springs, made all the difference. it "soaked" up the bumps much better. then of course we got stuck, etc etc, thankfully it's still light enough to move by hand, flip it around on the trail and off we went lol. Also, snow camping is awesome, COLD AF, but awesome.



Do you recall the compressed/extended specs and/or part # for those shocks? I need some super short ones for my trailer.


Are you in AZ? If so, would love to see this thing in person - nicely done!

Hadn't seen that website before (your RTT rental - rentoffthegrid.com), thanks for posting that as well.


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well, the boys are almost old enough to start camping with me and wife so I think another trailer build is on the menu.

I sold this one back in the summer of 2020. Hopefully it is treating the new owners well