Holly Batman! '85 609D Mercedes camper.

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Funny one of the rules in driving in third world countries is don't drive at night . I guess the PO did not subscribe to that premise.

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Why would he be worried about driving at night. Turn all the lights on, and you'd need sunglasses on even in heavy fog in the middle of the night :)

If I had that, I'd make my wife sit in the chair on the back porch and act like she was just sitting there reading a book while we're driving down the road


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If I remember correctly the previous one was a G-wagen with a whole-lotta-light.
Yep. It was a G280 on eBay about a year ago:

G280 with lights.jpg

But there's something freaky going on here . . . both last year's G280 and this year's 609D are from Abbotsford, BC. Apparently someone there has a business attaching driving lights to zany Benz campers. Somebody from Abbotsford, give us the story if you know it.

There is, BTW, kind of a cool rig under the 609D's sinister paint and overdone lighting. Very interesting setup.
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I've spoken to the builder. Apparently he's done a bunch this way. He told me this is all the rage in Europe! Not so sure about that, but I'm gonna look him up next time I go thru there. Love to see what he's up to. I did like that Gwagon(minus all the bars & lights of course...)