hiking boot for rocky terrain


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If you want "adult" sizes without going custom, try the Limmer Standard. Just a burlier version of the Lightweight. It is their original style. But, if you really want the perfect fit, go full custom. It will be a Standard built to your exact foot.



Another vote for the Salewa Alps Mountain trainer. I hike a lot of the western Death Valley and Panamint area. The terrain there shreds boots like nothing. These have held up excellent. The draw back is there run narrow.


A couple of weeks ago I picked up a pair of German Para boots MK4's. Full leather construction and leather lined, no awful goretex, fairly thin soles by modern standards and no padding, nice wide roomy toe box and a real size 12 UK (13 US). Imanged to pick them up of e***y for £44 delivered, and able to resole. Seem nicer than my £250 La Chameaux boots so far.
I was looking at buying a pair of Viberg boots if these didn't work out, they seem to be really nice, but $$$$$$.

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Having worn boots every day now for 31 years for two different employments I'd have to say my vote for the rocky terrain would be for a more substantial boot without any kind of liner though my current boot has the goretex lining (Danner Mtn Lites )

We are all uniquely different with our own tastes and our boots reflect that.

My first love of boot was the jungle boot with varying thicknesses of wool sock. My buddy invested in Danners (Ft.Lewis)and shook his head when we were in snow. My next love were RedWings, also with wool socks depending on climate. Wore RedWings for 20years replacing soles and occasionally with vibrams. I did most my snowshoeing in the EasternSieras in these boots. The last couple of years I've tried a cheaper boot for work, some with the molded sole, and none seem to last 6 mo. and now I have plantar faci-whatchacallit-itis. Hurts like hell.

I still have my buddies Ft.Lewis Danners but the jungle boots are long gone. I have high and short top RedWings still from "back in the day" that my boy wears. I bought some of those USMC RAT boots that I'm not terrible upset with and may try wearing some more.

But I'd have to say, for me, in my environment of rocky terrain a substantial boot makes my old tired feet happiest at the end of the day.

I do not have the same Danners as Morton in the other thread. Admire his boots but where he has the Mtn Lite II' I have the Mtn. Lite with cloth sides.
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I've been using the La Sportiva Glacier boot for about six months on a regular basis, and I'm very happy with them. Comfortable and well-built, good on any terrain.


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+1 for the Asolo TPS line. I've also worn the Flame GTX for lots of "hiking" in Afghanistan, and even in hot weather the performance was great. The only downside to the Flame (and the Fugitive as well, I understand) is the soles wear more quickly than similar boots.

I have worn Danner, Salomon (good footwear), and others, but I will stick with Asolo.