High Quality ground tent !


Can not say how impressed we are with the Green Geodesic Alaskan Guide Model tent from Cabela's. They were on sale. We bought 2. An 8 person for my wife & I & a 4 person for my daughter's 4 year College Graduation gift. (Gotta love a daughter that wants a tent for her present!). I also bought the inside tent floor & an extra pole for each. We bought a HD 12oz cotton duct tarp, 10' x 12', (yes, that sucker is heavy) to put under the floor of our 8 person. So, off we go, to Lakeside State Park-16th-19th of July. We got a nice site. Grassy mostly, right out in the open, which is what I wanted for the tent. Did not want any trees coming down on us. So, we set up. I used every stake, every velcro tie down at the pole intersections, velcroed the fly to the poles, used every guyline on the tent fly & staked them out as well. All the while, the wife is saying "do we REALLY need to do all of this?" I kept saying, Yup, we do.

Well, that Sunday night, the storm of storms blew in ! We had 50+ mph winds, thunder, lightning & the most torrential rain I have ever experienced camping. My wife was so scared, she started crying. I kept trying to re assure her that this tent was made for this & we will be fine (but not really knowing for sure as this was our first use of this tent). The torrential rain lasted for 4.5 hrs & 4 more hrs of reg hard rain. We were fine. Not one single drop of water inside the tent. There was literally water flowing underneath the tent floor/tarp. When I went outside in the morning, there were people standing there gawking at the tent & me. Then 1 asked how we made out in the storm? I said we were fine & not one drop of a leak inside the tent. Then they said we were the only ones to survive the night in a tent in the entire park. One low site had water 1/3 of the way up the tires of his truck and camper! Glad we got a high site & grass & no trees to fall on us. All the drainage ditches & spots were full up with water.

It is a big heavy tent. When we tent camp, it is with 1 or 2 vehicles. More like tent glamping. I had the Power Wagon, full-wife had the 4Runner, full. I have a small rotary dial microwave, toaster, tent, tools, 5 gal igloo cooler w/ice & water, 2 folding tables, 2 folding chairs, 82 qt & 50 qt ARB's, Coleman stove & firewood in the Power Wagon. Wife had the cots, air mattresses, blankets, pillows, cookware, etc & bikes on the back of her 4Runner. We LOVE that tent. HD Storm proven !


I love my Cabelas 8 man Alaskan Guide tent, and I use that "floor" and put it under the tent and use 2 Harbor Freight moving blankets for inside the tent.


I have the same tent from Cabelas and love it. Yeah, its heavy, but it works great. We "survived" Hurricane Sandy in the tent down in Shenandoah National Park. It's a great tent.


A friend of mine has one and it has survived two hurricanes that hit central Virginia when we were up there for the Mid Atlantic Rally in successive years. One year there was 7" of rain in 24 hours the next years there was 9" of rain in 24 hours.
The ground underneath was dry when we took the tent up the first year - we were all suitably impressed.


Have the same tent and I am very please with it. Heavy as all get out but solid in the wind. Last campout in the desert winds came down the canyon and wiped out over a third of the tents in the camp site. The Cabelas tent was rock solid. I like using the 4 season tents in the desert as they don't tend to get much bowing sand in them like most mesh tents do. Haven't had to experience rain but it is solid in the wind.