High Efficiency Air Conditioning Units for non-generator powered campers

We've decided on the Rollicool mini-split system. Not much in the efficiency department, but, might work for our application. Set the condenser on a 'drive-in' style tray off the side of the cabin/truck-bed and put the evaporator through a window. While driving, put the evap in front of my wife, and thread the hoses and cord out the window and set-up the condenser on the platform behind the cab; and plug into outdoor outlet. For $479 on Amazon and free shipping, pretty cheap for us to give it a shot. If it doesn't work for us, always have a garage that could use some cooling. Details to follow, it's on it's way.

Definitely don't want to rain on your parade, but I have heard bad things about this unit. They sell a similar one at Costco. They are all made in China, are relatively low efficiency (I believe EER = 7) and I heard they have some problems leaking. Lots of complaints. Unfortunately these cheap mini-splits don't match up with the "REAL DEAL" mini splits from Mitsibushi or Fujitsu. Luckily amazon has a great return policy so you can try it and let us know and return it if it is junk.

Edit: Looks like the unit on amazon isn't sold by amazon. It is "Ships from and sold by Better Choice Online". Be careful!
Well, we bought it; let it set for a couple days to settle the coolant and fired it up! Unfortunately, we have had a very wet summer here in northern Arizona, and the temps yesterday were not very high. However, it did do the job, set it up at 68 degrees, and it was cool in the cabin. The supplied window spacer stuff was installed and helped, the pics are with the high-tech window spacer clothing option. But, the spacer system does work with our Seitz S4 windows on the bottom. The condensing unit ran on and and off quite a bit, cycling more than I thought it should. However, again, it wasn't very warm outside, nor in the cabin. Anyway, didn't seem to draw down the batteries at all during the sunny day; they stayed at 100%. The solar pumped in 7.5 amps to the batteries while the unit was on, and usually around 2amps with no load. Need to run the unit for a long time for a more accurate assessment.

I lowered the thermostat to 62 today, and the compressor kept on chugging away, very cold in our 16x7 foot camper~! Plus, when it regurgitated the condensation, very fun to watch. So far so good.
Where does all the heat go that the blanket chillers produce? 250w power = 250w heat pumped into the cab. Seems counterproductive to cool your body, but heat the surrounding air.
Good points... thanks for reminder to plumb the heat away. if one is using peltier (thermo electric) like the blanket it is not to hard to duct that outside... guess honestly not to hard to duct it out if one is using a compressor unit either just got to mount things in the right places to make ducting logical.
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Well, we bought it; let it set for a couple days to settle the coolant and fired it up! .....
Thinking on using a compressor type chiller (for aquariums) that also has to be settled before use..... what found finally was that about 13 degree off kilter is max it can handle before it must be settled again. Would not be surprised if yours is not very similar. That means a day of no use as it re-settles after every day of driving off road and even some on roads..... which defeats the purpose of having it just about..... unlesssss.... you mount it on some sort of gimble?
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Has anyone got any experience with "Cruise n Comfort USA". They seem to have a "commercial grade" system desined for construction equipment. Their "HD12-L" is quoted as 7,000 btu, with a max draw of 46 amps, 12 volts. This gives a EER rating of about 13.
The unit seems to be robust, designed for a relatively hostile environment. Not cheap at about $3,000 plus dpending on model.
I just looked through their entire website and other than the price, I don't see anything wrong with their equipment. It looks to be well made using quality products. If my ambulance/camper didn't already have a factory installed 120V A/C system in it, I would be looking at installing one of these systems. However, I would be looking at one of their 9,000 or 10,000 BTU systems because I'm in Florida.