Hemi Wrangler or Gladiator or both?


Stupid jeep and its 470 HP 392.

All they had to do to sell a ton more Gladiators (or Wranglers) is to put the regular Hemi in them and make it, say, a $3,000 option.
The Hemi is already in basically every Ram they make, even ones you can get for less than 30k.

The Gladiator deserves the regular Hemi V8. And paying up to 60k for a truck with a base v6 that's been out for 8 years and makes an anemic 260ft lbs is insanity and just greedy on Jeeps part.

They get what they deserve when the Bronco and its 400ft lbs shows up.
im certainly no genius but I tend to agree with this. Sell a 5.7 Hemi JL/JT like the ram 1500 To leave some meat on the bone for the aftermarkets. Easy to swap in a 6.4 or a hellcat whatever, the heavy lifting to adapt is all done. That or make each an option like the WK2s. I think this might attract more buyers but what do I know. As AEV and others have said for years, a V8 should have been in the wrangler all along. I’ve driven a POS 3.8 for years, considered trading it in on a 3.6 until I drove one and was completely disappointed. Did a 5.7 Hemi swap and agree that this is how it should have been all along, just like the soccer mom Jeeps an optional 5.7, 6.4...