Help with what code reader for 2010 FG140 please :)


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Hi all,
I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer regarding what the best code reader is for a 2010 Fuso FG140. Our truck threw a code (PO251) which is a generic "Injection pump A, rotor/cam -circuit malfunction". looking at the Fuso maintenance manual the code PO251 we are supposed to monitor the "Valve opening of common rail safety valve" and the 'Fault (outline)' is the Common rail pressure (maximum). .. basically I am concluding that the common rail maximum pressure was reached.. the result was a red check engine light and the truck would barely maintain any speed. we did make it home where I found my code reader (duh.. I hadn't put it the truck :( )

I will call the dealer who replaced the fuel pump and ask them if I can drive it or need it towed.. not sure how much longer before the code is thrown again. other question I have for them is do I need to drop the driveshaft if I have to get it towed to them (about 80km from our place)

this is all background to say I would like a decent code reader for the fuso :). not sure I need the $3500 one the dealers have but I would like a slightly better one than the $50 dollar one I have at the moment. I have read all the other forum posts here so I have some idea but they are all a little dated so I thought I would reach out to the group and ask what your recommendations are :). thanks again.. you guys are always super helpful..

on the plus side our first night sleeping in the truck was a success.. will post some pics of the truck build here for those interested.. thanks again.. Cameron


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Unless things have really changed, and they might have, the only reader that I found to actually work with the Mitsubishi FUSO system was the OEM Xentry/STAR system. Yep, that's the pricey one. One of the better things about it is that you can do a factory reset with it, and that often helps while you're out on the trail after the truck throws a code. There might well be some aftermarket readers that work fine too, it's been a while since I sold my 2012 FG.

One of the things you'll find out with that system is that the code thrown isn't necessarily the actual issue. The systems are so interrelated that it often becomes a puzzle chasing down the actual issue. One thing I would do is check all grounds and eliminate ground issues, along with making sure that your batteries are up to par. These trucks are very sensitive to low voltage issues.

Nice looking setup, by the way.


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Thanks for the tips. The 2010 year was the last year for the old Mitsubishi engine. The 2012 onward was the Mercedes “upgraded” engine. Along with that upgrade came all sorts of electronics. I think the 2012 have codes that you can reset on the dash. The 2010 is pretty old school.

We had a Mercedes sprinter and it was brutal until we invested in icarsoft. It could reset and diagnose pretty well for $ 150 Trying to find something similar for the fuso.


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I recently purchased a BlueDriver usb code reader that they claim will work with my 2017 FG, it cost about $100 from Amazon and it works with my iPhone. They also have one for Android. I have not had to use it yet to cancel a fault code to get out of limp mode, but it did recognize my make, model & year and it read the engine rpm correctly. I hope I never have to use it, but for $100 I thought it would be worth a try.


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I believe that post 2011 Fuso Canters are more OBDII compliant.
Models prior to that use a propriety data stream, which very few devices can read.

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