Help with Trip Plan - Portland Oregon to Denver Colorado


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So, I've purchased a 2012 Ford E350 Extended in Portland Oregon and I'm driving back home. I'm also flying my wife and three kids out with me and making a trip out of this.

I'm looking for trip guidance between Portland and Denver. So far, we're planning on spending a day at the West Coast (Cannon Beach and Astoria), a day at Columbia River Gorge, then a couple hard days traveling to Moab, UT. What should we see in between? What's the best plan for Arches National Park? Planning a couple days in the Moab area then a couple days in Denver.

The van is not overland prepped. Stock 2WD with no camping gear. So, if camping is recommended, I'll have to stock up on minimal supplies on the road (don't want to duplicate supplies i already have if possible).

I'd appreciate any help you all can lend.



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Cape Disappointment State Park, across the river on the Washington side is a really nice place to visit. You get to go over the giant bridge, and there are sometimes whales near the bridge. The Columbia Maritime Museum is good for a couple of hours. The display with the Coast Guard 44' Motor Life Boat up on the wall is cool, although as a former Coastie, I'm kind of biased.

The more popular waterfall hikes in the gorge are likely to be crazy busy. At Multnomah falls, they actually have this gated system where you wait in your car for a spot to open up in the actual parking area. The farther east you go, the less crowded it will become. There are some nice, short hikes near Hood River and The Dalles. Dunno how familiar you are with Oregon, but the part of the gorge around Multnomah Falls and stuff is very wet and lush, and then it quickly becomes drier the farther east you go.

There are some cool museums in Pendelteon, OR.

The Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City is a very cool place to stay, and fairly inexpensive for what it is. The Sumpter Valley Dredge is kind of cool.