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Got my G55k up in the air finally and i have plenty to do.

whats the best way to get rid of rust?
i can hand it off to a shop but will they take the same care I would in addressing the problem areas?

wire wheels? Soda blasting? POR-15?




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Try a rust converter like Evapo-Rust or similar liquid rust converter. Follow instructions, use a chemical spray bottle to spray it on the rusty parts, let it do it's magic and wash it off. At that point you can decide what top coat you wish to use on the chassis or other components to prevent further rust.

The topcoat options after rust conversion include POR-15, Eastwood Rust Encapsulator and KBS Coatings.

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I use a needle scaler on an air hammer to knock off all the rust scale first.

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I'm on the same conundrum now...

The Burgundy one is a "Keeper" in terms of chassis and engine (Triton V10, the 7.3 prove to be to much for my small finances and big wrist & hands)

but the bottom (Sill..!?) of the van is in horrible shape, I do have a MIG welder and I do know how to use it, but I will not have access to it for a few months until I find a house and build a shop..

As Simmons suggest, Needle and air hammer to take the chunks off, I try to use wire wheels and flapper (sanding disc) but those kind of "Compact" and shiny the rust, but don't really take it off, plus they are much to slow too....

Looks like Mechanical pounding is the only way to be sure..

I had watch more than 200 videos youtube about rust in the last few weeks, consensus among the experts, Phosphoric acid (It works great but is NASTY #@@&, I'm worried about water drainage into the city pipes, most of this guys with "Ultraviolet affected neurons" (not trying to be offensive) don't really care to much and just let it flow into the ground..

They also recommend "VInegar" (no idea of the exact kind) mis 50/50 with water to stop the reaction from the acid..

From what I can see they don't do it because is cheap, the do it because is the method is that works the best..

I can send you some links if you like, but maybe is better if you can find them on your own..
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