Help - Play in the rear passenger wheel


I have an 02 Taco ext. cab 4wd w/factory lockers, 3.4, auto and 80k.

I was changing out the wheels when I noticed play in my rear passenger wheel. None on the driver side. I had the bearing replaced as guessed by a buddy/mechanic. The play is still there. Does anybody know what else could be the problem?? It has side to side play (grabbing it at 9 and 3 Oclock). No telescoping play.

Thank you very much in advance.


How much does it move? How about play up and down - same as side-to-side or no? Do you trust the mechanic who replaced the wheel bearing?


It has about 1/8 inch of play. The only other position I'd tried was 12 and 6 (no play)

I do trust my mechanic. But, he doesn't specialize in trucks. He's guessing it might be the diff or??? I rather not go down the road of trial and error parts replacement.



Whatever it is, it is not likely to be the diff. If you could detect carrier bearing wear from the flange end of the axle with a known good outer bearing, you would have to be the Hulk.

The outer bearing is still the likely culprit, either not installed correctly, or the housing was damaged before, during, or after the bearing refit and the bearing is wandering around in the housing, or the axle shaft is toast, which should have been obvious when replacing the outer bearing. I would say have it redone, hopefully by the guy who did it the first time.