Help needed building a spare parts/tools kit for a LR3


I am slowly building my kit up. Two years ago when my wife and I went to shaver lake it was the first trip I had been on and had nothing more than a new set of slightly more aggresive than stock tires on my LR3, and a roof rack with nothing on it. I was borrowing everything even tire pressure guages for airing down. Now two years later I have a Co2 tank, a fridge, a snatch strap, GAP tool and so on. But what I don't have or have an idea about is what kind of spare parts should I try to aquire and bring on the trail? Does anyone know what the most likely parts on a LR3/4 are to break and is it possible to repair them in the feild? And should I get any specialty tools to do those repairs?

I also wanted to know so that I'm not lugging more around than I need to, what kind of basic tools should I bring? Metric or standard?

I've also heard horror stories about Hi lift jack and I don't have sliders or Nerf bars, so I was thinking about getting a Air bag instead.

Any help on tools, parts and further recovery equipment would be great help.


Complete set of Metric sockets and wrenches Tools with Torx drivers, 5 min Epoxy, Duct Tape, steel wire for tying things up, zip ties, electrical tape, silicone fusion tape is better.

My favorite wrench,

Air suspension... know which three fuses to pull
6mm tubing:
6mm push to connect fittings

Spare parts:
Air filter
Fan Belts

After having blown an air line on a trail all I can say is that the air suspension is the greatest weakest strength of the LR3. I will do a comprehensive post this weekend on what happened. I finally had time to get to the bottom of the failure.

There is actually a comprehensive thread on this site that should give you what you want, can't seem to find it though...


thanks thats a good list to start with. what kind of tubing? plastic rubber, steel braided? And how long, 6ft?


Keep a brake switch and a cooling system bleed valve handy, they are stupid little parts that have a nasty habit of failing / breaking in the boonies. The first one, located above the brake pedal, will cause all kinds of doomsday messages to pop up when it fails, likely incapacitating your air suspensions and even limiting your transmission's gears in the process. The second, visible under the "vanity" engine cover and connecting two rubber hoses for the coolant, gets brittle and cracks over time because of the engine heat - it's made of some kind of plastic, nice going Land Rover engineers! - causing a sudden and copious loss of coolant. Both are easy to replace on the field with basic tools.
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New to ownership of an LR3 and have been looking to emulate the knowledge, capabilities, tailored tools and spares I have with my D1. Found this thread over on D3 to be useful:

In terms of the air jack...make sure you take into account the need to generate pressure from the LR3 for something like an Xjack (i.e. bring a tennis ball). During the VOT my partner's LR3 wouldn't inflate it at all until we figured that out-and in truth we used my D1 to raise his LR3 when the time came.


Ray, you went LR3? Nice!
Promotion gift to myself, keeping the D1 too but after seeing John's in action (& especially seeing it on the transit to/from VT) I knew I was bound to get one.

06 SE w/7 seat black interior, HIDs, Cold Wx, etc. I will likely do tires, ARB bumper/winch, sliders & plates and be done. Had it all of three weeks and love it!