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I'm addicted to land cruisers. I currently have a 60 and I really want an 80. I am kind of toying with the idea of trading my Unimog for a clean stock 80. Should I or not? I constantly go back and forth. I see an 80 driving around and I say dream about owning one. Then when I drive the Unimog, it's kind of like driving a Ferrari. People point and wave and thumb up and I realize how much fun it is to have. I just rarely drive it.

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Sell your 60 and build an 80, but keep the unimog. My deuce is the same thing, don't use it much, but alot of fun when you do.

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The only rig I'd want other than a TLC is a Unimog. I shopped locally for one and those available just didn't suit my needs (Danish ex mil. No passenger floorboard.- too much rust