Help! I'm trying to get my PIAA 520 lights set-up with No Instruction Manuel.


I bought a second hand set of PIAA 520's. They look good but I'm having trouble getting them set-up and working. I tryed a couple ways of connecting them, with no luck.

In the picture I marked what I think are the (+) (-) (ground). The fuse in the relay looks fine. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Especially since the Trophy race is coming up. :wings:


Figured it out. Turns out the little white wire with the switch has to be connected to power, ignition, cig etc. for it to work. Looking forward to getting them going.


Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
Yep, switch needs to be powered always (with ignition on). Make sure its a fusible link. A cigarette lighter is a good source for that. Glad you got it working Guy!

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