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4WDaus "tralia"
Hi all
can anyone assist in identifying this small rubber bung on 2007 fg649? It appears to be on the end of the fuel injection system and has a small crack in it. Also is this part close to causing me issues as there appears to be 2 small fractures in it ? And is it an easy fix?
thanks for you help

Aussie Iron

It is a problem waiting to happen.

It looks to be an end plug to the line for the excess fuel that is supplied to the injector. I would remove it as it is stuffed. Get a short piece of fuel line the correct size and a couple of clamps, find a short bolt that will slip into this hose. It has to have clear shank on the bolt (cut the thread off) so you can clamp on it to seal the short piece of hose and replace the end plug.



4WDaus "tralia"
Turns out it’s 6mm fuel line, found it at a motor bike shop. Also been told that repco also sell the part. Thanks guys, cut off bolt now plugging the hose and fitted!


I've found those rubber caps just don't hold up. They are not reinforced and also must be made from cheese. I've always replaced them with a bolt and fuel hose like recommended. That has always lasted, how long? We'll see.