Help choosing the best OME lift for my 4Runner?


As the title states, I'm in the market for a OME lift for my '97 4Runner. It's all stock right now, other then an ARB bumper and Warn winch. But I do plan to do a full swing out rear bumper, with my CVT RTT, rock sliders, and 235/85 tires. I'm just wondering what would be the best spring setup for my application. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


might be useful if you describe how you plan to use it?

Mall crawling, desert racing, rockcrawler, or your standard DD/camping rig?

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No, what's on it now are 245/75/16. I don't want much lift. Just would like an increased payload for camping gear and what not!

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How much weight do you plan to carry regularly?

A set of new '99 "tall" coils might be what you're after.

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Well, during the summer, I will have my roof top tent. And like I said earlier, I plan on getting a steel swing out rear bumper. I'm basically looking for a 2" lift that will hold all my gear without sagging.

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With a swingout and RTT (and whatever else) you'll want the 291 OME rear springs. Sorry I don't have OME front so can't comment on that.

Desert Dan

I have medium duty OME springs and shocks on my 2006 4 Runner and like it.

With your bumper and winch I would go for medium or heavy duty.


I'd suggest OME 891 for the rear with OME 60028 or Fox 2.0's, and OME 883 with 90004 struts up front. Pretty happy with the combo coming from ten years running DR's/Icon coilovers up front and Icon Resis in the rear. I currently have a rear bumper, drawers, and fridge in the rear. Up front is an ARB Bumper with 9k winch running synthetic line.

Still rubs flares a bit in the front running 285's, so i'd assume it's netting somewhere around 2ish" of lift.


That is one nice looking 97! Been looking for one myself. I'll be watching your thread closely. :sombrero:


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If you don't want lift, I'd suggest the 99 tall coils as well. You could even pair them with the Tacoma or Tundra Bilstein shocks in front that have the different perches. If you want it a little more, you can put it up a notch. Would ride really well too. You could do the same 99 coils in the rear, and pair it with airbags inside for when you are loaded down. I feel like that would be the best of both worlds.

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With all the armor and rrt I think any factory spring would be to soft. If you want less lift you could run 881 up front and 906 in the rear. That should be about an inch lower than what CYi5 suggested. That being said i loved the 882 and 890 springs on my 2000. That setup worked great for all around use. You would want the 891s in the rear.

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The lovely thing about the link rear is if you feel like you need something different, just jack it up and take it out. Not as easy with the leaves on the Taco. If you are looking for OME suspension, I would start with 882s in the front with their Nitrochargers, that bumper is going to create a diving and wallowing of the front end under hard braking do to its weight. I'm not sure of what the rear would require for all the weight back there, but a buddy of mine just picked up a 99 and he is going to swap the suspension for OME straight out of the gate, hes tired of scratching up his brand new Tacoma. Maybe he will have the springs available for a decent price if you are interested. PM me if you are. They are 205K mile units though.