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Done a lot of reading and talking to Blue Sea guys, electrical guys and now my head hurts. :)

I have a 4-door 2016 that is my overland vehicle. I'd like to run power to the back of it for some distribution and a fridge. I need some help planning this out.

Current setup:


I plan on running two fast charge (dual) usb plugs in the back of the Jeep (each dual plug as a max amp draw of 5 amps) = 10 amps max

I plan on running my Snomaster fridge says max amp draw of 5 amps = 5 amps

I plan on running some interior lighting in the cargo area -- not sure what but I can use LED strips all day long for nominal amp draw.

I plan on 1 or 2 outside area lights for camping-- nominal draw

I plan on , at some point, running a dual battery setup, with the second battery close to the rear of the vehicle where the power distribution is happening. Not ready for that yet, but I want to lay the ground work so that I'm not doubling effort and expense.

So the questions--

*how does this look?

*What should my blue see breaker be rated at under the hood at the primary battery?

*Do I need to plan for a second breaker back at the back by the 2nd battery (when I get ready to do it)?

Current component plan:


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What's the amperage rating of the #2 wire? There's your fuse size (fuse protects the wire).

You need a fuse at both ends of a wire that has a major power source (battery) at both ends (to protect the wire from both souces).


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And if you are going to have 15a breakers, then any branch circuit you feed (usb, fridge, etc.) will need wire rated for at least 15a (#14) or the wire wont be protected.