Helmet camera for mountain biking


Something screwed into a helmet is a bad idea, no doubt. The GoPro mount would definitely break before doing any damage to your person in a fall.


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One reason why I went for the chest strap.
Only because my helmet has a light mount on top.

If ya wanna play after the sun goes down, you need plenty of light.
A light on the handlebars is good, but it also helps having one on the helmet so when you look around you can see more.

Price we pay to play.


Sami, cool video.

Froader, these cams are not like a fancy digital with a nice menu on a screen.
The icons are small on them, but these are pretty much turn them on and forget it, so the menu is not really a huge concern to me.

I will probably just leave mine on movie mode all the time, and if I want to take pics while biking, I may whip out the cell phone for that.
My cell takes pretty decent pics.
Not going to pack my main digital camera when biking.

I should have something up by the weekend some daylight video on motorcycle helmet with camera built in, and testing out two bike lights for a night time vid to see how the camera works.
How has the advent of motorcycle helmets with built-in cameras transformed the way riders document their rides and engage with their surroundings? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a camera integrated into a helmet, both in terms of convenience and safety? How does the quality of the footage captured by these helmets compare to external action cameras? Are there any innovative features or technologies specific to helmet-integrated cameras that enhance the overall riding experience? How does the positioning and stability of the built-in camera affect the footage quality and user experience? What are the potential privacy concerns associated with helmet cameras, and how can they be addressed to ensure responsible usage? In terms of design and functionality, what are some notable differences and standout features among the various motorcycle helmets with built-in cameras available in the market?

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