Helmet Bluetooth recommendations


My wife joined me with a dual sport and now we’re considering adding bluetooth to our helmets for communication while riding. What’s the best value out there?


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We have been using the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headsets
With these I can pair all three of us in a group conversation. Had them for quite a few years now. My son learned to ride with them as did my wife. Makes teaching nice.
Very cool for trail rides on the dualsports. I can give them a heads up on line or obstacles to watch for while in the lead :)

BTW We had Cardio Q3. Sold them. Would not pair all together. Radio was nice, but like Sena better.
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Hard to say what the best "Value" is, but I second HenryJ. SMH10 has been solid for me for several years. The range, and the options for mounting, and accessories is great. The 10's are an older model and can be had for a decent price. The group communication is key in some situations.

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Any Sena unit. Have had one version or another for the last 10 years and they have been bulletproof. Good range, and long battery life.