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Hello All,

New to the forum and Mitsubishi ownership. I purchased a 06 Montero LTD about 6 months ago and I am really glad I did.

Black, 118k Miles. Have not done too much other than typical used car reconditioning. Timing belt, water pump, all fluids, etc and some cosmetic stuff to refresh the interior. Overall it was already in really good shape from the previous owner. No rust as it came to PA by way of Arizona/California. I am the 2nd owner.

I’ve enjoyed reading all the great information others have posted about the 3rd Gen so I thought I would make it official and join!

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Grab a FSM from my signature if you do not already have one. Looks like a solid purchase!


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Yeah, I am really happy to have found it. Only had 112K miles too. I spent months looking for a clean example without rust and neglect. Really hard to find in the north east. I had a line on an 06 survivor in NJ that only had 45K miles but that one ended up getting bid up over asking and selling for 17K (!!) the day the advert hit Auto trader. I thought only the Toyota SUV market was inflated but I guess any competent low mileage 4x4 is desirable at the moment.
I had to endure so many conversations with shady dealers at "buy here, pay here" lots that marketed it as a cheap three row SUV to people without options. They didnt really understand the appeal to an enthusiast with completly different buying motivations. I finally found this one in Mesa, AZ and bought it online and had it shipped to PA. Slight gamble not being able to inspect in person to experience things you can’t get from a picture (like smell) but I was very comfortable with the dealer (owner/operator/knowledgeable car guy) and the vehicle ticked all the boxes for me. Also, it was cheap enough to be worth the risk as I knew I could offload a no rust, low cost SUV in Pittsburgh without difficulty.

Previous owner made some nice upgrades (unknown brand wheels, unknown brand slotted rotors, Bilstein front and back, Magnaflow, very good speaker upgrade, backup cam) and it is impeccably clean on the inside and the body is in remarkable shape. I have since removed the Magnaflow because it was super annoyong and droning. Front drivers seat is pretty worn, as all Monteros seems to be, so I put on some WetOkolies and called it a day. I added a pioneer double din head unit with apple carplay and moved the HVAC controls. I also replaced a couple broken interior plastics, caught up the deferred maintenance, and had a fluid film rust preventor applied to keep it rust free. As far as 14 year old rigs go this one has super easy to recondition. Its in better shape than some of my friends late model vehicles that they dont take care of as they should.

Currently debating new tire options - not so much brand but size - and a lift.. The wheels are the same size as the stock 17s so tire options are limited. I originally planned to buy wheels or go with Toyota wheels but that seems wasteful given the 5 on it are actually pretty nice.

Problem areas? Nothing major. I have an intermittent CEL that I need to investigate. I am thinking it might be a vacuum leak. I also destroyed the power antenna the day I got it (I forgot power antennas existed and drove it through a car wash). I don’t plan on replacing the mast but will remove the motor and plug the hole to get rid of the annoying motor whirring every time I start or shut off the ignition. I connected the rear side window antenna and it seems to work well enough. TPMS light is blinking and I will fix this when I replace the tires, assuming it is only a bad sensor.

The driver’s seat has some issues other than cosmetic. The bottom cushion will not raise or lower in the back but the front raises and lowers just fine, as do all the other directions - thankfully it is stuck in a good position. It also has a slight hitch when under hard acceleration or braking so I need to investigate that. I hope the frame is ok. It is a little deformed but specifically uncomfortable. Buying a set of new old ass seats is not an ideal use of upgrade money and most I see are in worse condition than mine! Mitsubishi must have used some low grade leather on the seats because they all look like garbage and tear in the same spot on the side right above the power controls.

Truck is surprisingly quiet and smooth riding (relative to say a 4 runner). The unibody is boomy over uneven pavement. Not sure if this is par for the course or a suspension wear issue

Lastly - I have downloaded the FSM - much appreciated!
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Great looking Montero! How much did you pay if you don’t mind me asking?
Hi Wonton,
I thought I got a pretty good deal but after reading more - eh maybe not. Regardless I am happy. I paid $7,500 -all in with tax plus $850 to ship it to PA.

Invested another 1500 into catching up the maintenance and fixing small niggles inside, added a pioneer Apple play head unit, a set of wet okolie seat covers up front and a good rust prevention spray underneath.

It technically is good to go as it is now but I want to replace the scratched and peeling headlights (tried to polish them with limited success) and get a new set of tires. I am also on the lookout for a new drivers seat as mine has some mechanical and structural issues. I think I found a full interior set in Ohio but need to wait for the pandemic to end to go get them.

Mechanically and cosmetically it is very sound. The undercarriage is unbelievably rust free. I’ve never seen one cleaner but that’s the difference of spending 14 years out west vs PA.

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