Hello intrepid adventureres...Im a new member...name Feral


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Id like to talk to anyone about their experience driving to Ecuador from the US. One of my most pressing questions is: as a person applying for a resident visa upon arrival in country, will I be able to take my 1998 Toyota Forerunner in? Ive been told a tourist can only keep an older vehicle in country for 90 days, but what about a person that will have a resident visa?
Also, any info about getting from southern Panama to Ecuador ( avoiding the Darian Gap sp )...what company? cost? and what is the import fee for bring a 15 year old car in? What documents etc. Cost of insurance in Ecuador for the vehicle?
Ill be forever grateful for any help and info you can provide.
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I had the pleasure of having Feral in my shop today, and spent some time chatting with her about vehicle preparation. She is an experienced traveler and overlander. I would appreciate any assistance you may provide her, since South America is not my area of expertise.
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Id contact Panama Passage. They are a Forum sponsor I believe. They can take care of the logistic for shipping and provide a safe place to stay in Panama.

As for the other questions regarding the vehicle in country I cannot help.

But the PP folks maybe of assistance with that as well. I hope that helps a little.

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If you are a "resident" you will come under the standard importation regulations for the country.

never heard of obtaining one at the border though - unless of course your married to an ecuadorian- but then it can be done in the US or locally after arrival.

you would probably need the marriage certificate legalised and Apostilled before comming down this end of the world - they just love rubber stamps !

here in colombia only brand new vehicles can be legally imported for example

If your passing through no major issues


is the website- on a quick glance i could not see any details

venezuela is the same as CO - only brand new cars may be brought in

Ecuador - maybe call the consulate in the US - I found emailing aduanas in colombia fruitless- ie no reply even when written in spanish.

I'm here on a 1.5-2 year contract like most of my jobs - and very rarely is it worth the hassle and cost of importation - unless you work for an embassy - and they have diferent rules