Hello everyone


I'm currently in the planning stages of a expedition vehicle. I'm currently looking at a ambulance to retrofit. I was a professional sailor for 17 years so I know how to live small with little waste so the idea of off grid living appeals to me. I also have a fair grasp of the systems and how they work. My current ideas are as follows.
75ish gallons of water
1500 ish watts of solar
No propane
Desiel vehicle
Desiel heater
20 ish r value insulation
Fridge TBD
Pass through
Head TBD trying to decide between cassette or compost
Stove will be plug in conduction
Battery will be large and lithium ion
I'm 6'6 so standing room would be nice but not required.
Bed also needs to be long enough for me.
It will be large but not huge compared to some.
I'm not going to be rock crawling just fire breaks, forest service and beaches.
I have many skills and tools but not enough so some work will have to be farmed out.
I'm not set on any plan yet so everything is flexible.
Currently I'm looking at a 4500 kodiak and a ford f-650 ambulance.
This is going to have to be a multi step process just because I can't afford everything at once.
Right now I'm just listening ideas so any tips trick or ideas are welcome.