Height increase with Rhino-Rack backbone & pioneer platform? (measurement please)

Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Hi All,

I'm looking at getting hte Rhino-Rack Backbone and a pioneer platform.
My understanding is that to mount that, I will need cross bars.

Can someone that has this on a JL or JT please throw a tape measure on theirs and tell me how much it increased the height of the vehicle from the top of the hard top?

So the length from the top of the hardtop to the top of the highest point of the pioneer platform please


I'm worried it won't fit in the garage, and also designing the next step of the build which is a little contingent on this height increase!



The Pioneer platform has the crossbar built into it. You can save some height if you go with the low profile non-quick release feet.

My JK has a 2.5" lift on 285/70-17s and still fits through my 7ft.high garage door.