Heavy Duty iPad/Laptop Mount & RAM parts


This is a heavy duty mount made by Jotto Desk, as used in law enforcement vehicles. You will have to buy the seat mount specific to your vehicle or make one (check on ebay for used ones). You also have to figure out a way to attach it to your laptop or iPad. Its a bit of work, but in the end you will have a super-rugged and vibration free mount.

The arm part # is 425-5101-00 and laptop base is # 425-1125-01 .

These are going on ebay for varying amounts but for the $50 $40 shipped SOLD I am asking, it is definitely a bargain.

Arm and swivel plate:

Laptop base:

Also for sale, RAM 1" ball long double socket arm with round and diamond bases. This has the long tightening knob for use on large screen devices.

$15 shipped SOLD


Link: https://www.amazon.com/1-Inch-Diameter-Surface-2-5-Inch-Diamond/dp/B001DDPGPM/
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The swivel plate is the way I was planning to mount the ipad, either with velcro directly to the ipad's case, or with something more sophisticated like a RAM tab-tite cradle or similar. The plate dimensions are 6x6 square with a 3-1/8" square hole pattern. There's another rectangular hole pattern you can see in the photos that I didnt measure.

Here are some pics of how you could mount an ipad this way: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/03-off-the-shelf-tablet-mount.941372/#post-10494699