Headed South For The Holiday.


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Just wanted to report in on the two State Parks we hit down in Florida. Blue Springs was first and our favorite for the section of Florida we are in. Beautiful warm water springs that the Manatees come in for when the nights get cool in Florida. Camping spots are small and private and had water and power. Mostly small tear drops, truck campers and a few overland rigs set up here.
We also stopped at DeLeon State Park just north of Blue Springs. No camping but a huge spring and recreational area to hang out as long as you want. Wide open today as it has been overcast here for days. We had rolled over here hoping for some more hiking trails to explore but was not very exciting. Will continue north.


Ace Brown

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I spent several winters in Florida when I was full timing. Paddled with the Manatees and gators. Rode lots of sandy singletrack on my mountain bike. Most of my camping was in the national forests and were free. I might head back again this winter.

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