Hawaii for 1 week, what to do?


I'm planning with some friends for a trip to Hawaii. Havent looked into it much at all yet, but we're trying to plan out some kind of "adventure" that would be in the 4-8 day range. Seems like there are a lot of great hikes, I've heard a lot about great kayaking. would be cool to combine the two. ideally we'd spend the majority of the time away from populated areas, camping the whole time. and looking for a bit of a challenge rather than an easy trip. any advice on where to start? any previous trips I could look at? We're just a bit lost on where to start looking.


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Best thing I did when I visited was snorkeling. Wish I spent more time doing it. Had an underwater camera and we chased a giant turtle.

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It all depend on which island you're going to. Each island has its own "flavor".
E.g. - the Big Island: Kahalu'u Bay, "A-Bay" or Punalu'u for snorkeling, Kona Brewing Company. Get lost on a remote beach toward South Point, Green Sand Beach (must have 4x4), Mauna Kea summit (only rental 4x4s allowed), *Huggo's*! Or "Huggo's On The Rocks"!
Kaua'i: Kalalau Trail (2 miles to Hanakapiai Beach, and another 2 miles to the waterfalls - 8 miles total. 8 GRUELING miles of wonderful hiking!) Do *NOT* try to swim at Hanakapiai ! People die there regularly. Tunnels for snorkeling. Hanalei for surfing (Pine Trees). Do NOT miss eating at Tahiti Nui bar (food as good as the Beach House at 1/2 the price). Waimea Canyon. Na Pali Coast kayaking/camping. Glass Beach. Don't miss the Saimin at Hamura's in Lihue.

That's a start. (For Oahu and Maui, the best thing to try and do is avoid the crowds)


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Loved Hawaii, was there for two weeks in Feb. 2012...
Oahu is where we ended up, surfed ALOT and hiked on the east side of the island and you gotta check out diamond head..
I keep trying to get back there....