Have you looked into rear facing car seats for your under fours?


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Wow. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Before retiring as a police officer, I received specialized child safety seat training. I have seldom encountered a subject in which lay people were less knowledgeable.

If you had seen the videos that I've seen, and/or been to the fatal traffic collisions that I've been to, you would understand that parents who love their children, should not be attempting to justify turning their children forward facing as soon as possible- they'd be keeping their children rear facing AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

Not as long as convenient, not as long as your spouse wants, not as long as the child appears to want to...AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

An equally important issue, is that in all of the child safety seat inspection clinics that I've participated in, I have NEVER seen a single child safety seat installed correctly. And even the smallest error, can render the child safety seat virtually useless. The child safety seat manual and the vehicle owner's manual are written in plain English- just READ them, instead of just guessing. Your child's life hangs in the balance...
Most local hospitals will have a seat check station. You sign up for a time, drive in and they give you pointers on how to improve your setup. Glad to say I was perfect on 3 of 4 carseats. I had forgotten that we added a pad under the first seats to 'protect the seat'. This isn't rocket science but it's not as easy as putting together McDonald's happy meal toy