Have to ask...but not sure which category...Potty breaks?


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how do you guys manage the bags from the luggable loo or PETT? throw each bag into some kind of hard side container to pack out? maybe a piece of 6" PVC with threaded caps on each end to drop the bags into?

my wife likes the idea of a cartridge type toilet but that seems like a hassle to empty unless you are staying at an RV lot with a dump station, IMO something with individual bags is a lot neater and less gross.
The Double-Doody bags from Walmart double-seal and go right in the garbage bag along with everything else. Never had one escape...

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That is because those places get so much human traffic they have to. I avoid those places. Don't like people. That and I'd love to see the officer that walks up on you as you are crapping and puts handcuffs on you; tell him he has to wipe for you...

Is this post for real?

Seriously 90% of Africa goes in the bush. Best advice is to burn your toilet paper before burying it all. If your significant others or kids require you to carry a bucket to go in, make them handle it and dispose of it then; quickly change their mind.
NPS regulations do not allow pooping. In Canyonlands NP Island in the Sky and Needles Districts have vault toilets, The Maze does not because they can't be maintained. You would destroy the soil by stepping off the trail it dig your hole anyway... the microbes in the soil grow like coral and the crusts they form over decades is the only thing that keeps the area not looking like the Sahara


The forest service station in Bishop, CA gives out "wag" bags because it is illegal in the wilderness areas to dig a hole to poop. Just ask. Check with your local forest service ranger station or you can pick up a complete setup from http://restop.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=1&idproduct=25. If you contact them directly and tell them you are a member of Expedition Portal, they give a 10% discount on their products.

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I bought one like this from Bass Pro on clearance (maybe $5) and it works fine. It's more of an "emergency" use thing though.

The bulk of the time we use cat holes, but this came in handy for when it is raining or in the middle of the night, and not really convenient to go for a hike. Much nicer than getting soaked or having to get dressed and put on boots. I could also see using this in places without much privacy.

A caution for those that mentioned using grocery bags; not sure about your local market, but the bags ours use are not very water tight and often have small holes. I would really hesitate to use them for human waste or you may be stuck cleaning up some nastiness. If you are forced, I would recommend at least doubling up, if not triple. Heck, even some of the thinner garbage bags aren't very water tight.

Fortunately, I have only used the bags that came with mine so far (only actually used it in the tent like 3 times), so haven't had to look for other sources.

BTW, I like this one because you can also use it when using a cat hole (no bag). It's much nicer to sit than squat. In my Army days I would just one cheek it on the folded blade of my E-tool, but after getting a little older and heavier, that gets a little old. You do have to be careful with how wide of a hole you dig. I do more of a slit trench that runs "north / south" between the legs. Also need to make sure the ground isn't too soft as these legs will sink in if you're not careful. :D

I like the kitty litter idea, mainly for cutting down the smell and for soaking up the urine. I will probably throw a handful in each bag and roll them back up before my next trip so they are pre-loaded.


Paha Que Pee pee Tepee and PETT w/ WAG bags for us. Xlnt solution overall and worth the money to me.
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Best advice is to burn your toilet paper before burying it all. .[/QUOTE]

that would be an excellent way to start a major fire ... try taking along baby wipes and a zip lock baggie -- easy to pack out and doesn't smell (I've used this for backpacking)


My thinking is that only an idiot could start a forest fire by burning their toilet paper.
If you don't know how to control that kind of a burn, you shouldn't be crapping in the wild.


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I can't tell you how many times I've backpacked into an area to find half-burned TP or a poorly dug cat-hole where animals have dug at the waste.

There's a reason it has become the law to pack out human waste in more and more areas - far fewer people are capable of handling their own crap like adults, and are screwing it up for everyone else.

So you say you only want to go where other people don't, and maybe you actually manage that, but the reality is that most of us aren't intrepid explorers blazing new trails into unknown lands - we're temporary tourists visiting beautiful places, occasionally within the same few-months as other people, and so in order not to pooch the experience for everyone, we strive to leave no trace.

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My thinking is that only an idiot could start a forest fire by burning their toilet paper.
If you don't know how to control that kind of a burn, you shouldn't be crapping in the wild.
Don't underestimate the amount of idiots that live amongst us. ;)


OK...I have Trasharoo hooked up and ready. Guess I will double bag then deposit in trasharoo...then when I get home...do what with the bags? Not sure I can put in my city trash collection bin.