Has the new Yamaha Tenere 700 arrived in North America yet?

Christian P.

Expedition Leader
Staff member
There 2 guys just drove (in February) 26000km to raise 26000 Euro on 2 Yamama Tenere (it's in French unfortunately for most of you...but the images are awesome)

Kap (northern) To Cape (southern)



I come in Peace
I've had so much anticipation for this bike, but finally stopped following it. I will strongly consider trading my 1090 for one of these.

Still waiting...

Christian P.

Expedition Leader
Staff member
I just talked with the Yamaha sales guy finally. He says he is ready to take my money for a deposit for a pre-order...he thinks it would be here around end of July.
He also says he is only getting one.

I am really tempted...

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