Has anyone tried the Wonderbag ?


While searching for a gift this morning on Amazon, I ran across an interesting article on the Wonderbag. It is a solution for a slow cooker that uses no electricity. It might come in handy for overland uses. The reviews are mixed and it sounds a little bulky. But, I like the idea of a slow cooker while on the road that uses no energy.


I think you would find a Thermal Cooker a much better option for doing the same thing, that is cooking with not having to maintain the pot over a heat source. Basically, with a thermal cooker you bring the inner pot with food in it to a rolling boil over a heat source, and then place the inner pot into an outer pot and it will continue to cook food for hours with no further heat source needed.
I have blogged about thermal cooking a few times on my blog. I also recommend using a high quality thermos for doing the same thing.
A thermos is very rugged and great for vehicle or motorcycle travelers, links below,


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When I clicked the link to your blog, I got this:

Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

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Imhighlander, I'm not sure why the link is bad, my blog post about thermal cooking was from Jan 2012,
blog link is below in my signature. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


A collapsible solar oven might work just as well if you're stopped for the day and it wouldn't require energy (with the exception of sunshine). Some of the Youtube demos for the Wonderbag looked promising, but it's just one more bulky item to lug along.