Has anyone tried out the new Frontrunner Wolfpack Pro boxes?


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Adding a small silicon plug to allow for pressure equalization probably would not be too hard. Maybe they will sell that as a $20 add-on to these new boxes to keep up the tradition of making us pay for their design flaws. :)

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Those are called Pelican Cases 😉


Those are called Pelican Cases 😉
There is an Underwater Kinetics (AKA Tundra) case, the UK 821, that is very close in size/internal volume to the Wolf Packs. I recommend them as an upgrade from Wolf Packs.


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Years ago I owned several Wolf Pack cases and despite reading all the warnings and operating the latches perfectly...they began snapping. Zarges K470s were my solution.

Problem solved for Jeep:

Problem solved for AEV Prospector with FWC:
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I got one of the new ones to test. It has been filled with heavy tools and parts for the last 15k miles or so and is holding up to the load. I would feel fine standing on it at 215Lbs so they are stout. If they came in a double deep that still stacked it would be my solution, but the size does not work that well for me for food and that is what I really need storage like this for.
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Over 12 years on my standard Wolfpack latches. I bought them with spare stainless latches, but they're still in the bag! Also keep in mind, written or not, everything has operating instructions.


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Zarges makes them so durable that there is no need for silly plastic latch instructions.


Zarges are certified bear resistant also by IGBC:

These are the finest cases available:

But if you are happy with yours, then all is good. I tried plastic Wolf Packs years ago and they failed miserably by most every measure. I stepped up and purchased the Zarges and for full time travel they are the best choice in my opinion.


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I know what you are referring to as "operating them correctly" but lets be honest, a storage box should not have latches that must be "operated correctly" for them not to break. I don't need another thing to try to "train" my wife to do properly while we are setting up or breaking down camp. haha. (yea, right!)

RE: Replacement latches - I find that one of the most annoying things of all. "The latches on our $50 plastic boxes are shite, so you need to spend another $20 per box (plus $10 shipping) for them to operate properly. I'd be embarrassed and ashamed to say that about any product I was trying to sell!

Agree on the skepticism regarding the new latches - thus my original post! :). Don't get me wrong - I think FR has some neat and innovative products, and I'm grateful to have found the "Goldilocks" storage box for my situation. I just would like a bit more assurance on this new version before I plunk down a wad of cash.

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