Has anyone fitted a HUD?


G'day All,

I'm thinking of fitting a Head Up Display, one that plugs into the trucks OBD ll port. There's a million available online.

I'm only really after fuel consumption, the rest is a bonus.

Has anyone done this?, did it work?, any tips/recommendations?



Expedition Leader
Might work on the latest model Fuso, but I doubt it would on any of the older models, as the data that comes out of their OBDII port is not actually OBDII data.


Hi Owen, I considered sticking Isuzu in the heading as I knew Fuso's weren't OBD friendly but thought better to keep it broad as some may have fitted HUD's to their Chevy's, GM's etc.

I figured the instantaneous fuel consumption would be very handy to have, if it works.


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