Has anyone figured out a solid mounting setup for the ALU CAB expedition 3?

SP Jon M3

I just move my Baroud RTT from the Front Runner Slimline rack to Rhino Rack Vortex Crossbars. This install seems to not only be more stable (tent doesn't bounce as much) but it also reduced the weight on the roof by 70-80lbs (I did the math a while back, but don't remember the exact amount).


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The load ratings for the roof bars that you left a link for show that the maximum load is 100kg. With the weight of a roof rack plus two adults, the weight rating would be not enough.

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I share mine with a friend who mounts it on her 4Runner with a prinsu style rack, what she ended up doing was mounting Alu-Cab load bars to the prinsu style rack and that made attaching the Alu-Cab tent very easy. On my set up on my truck, the tent easily mounts to my Leitner Load bars, and the front of it rested on my back Thule bar on the back of the cab. What's nice is the Alu-Cab load bars are pretty thin (they even offer a low-profile version), so it won't stick up from the prinsu style rack much.



I had a Gamiviti roof rack on my truck. I sold it and bought the Alu-cab load bars. I had to buy 3 bars because the stock roof rack mounts on the 100 series aren't spaced right to only need two bars. Unfortunately, they make a hell of a whistle sound, but that might just be how the air flows on my truck.512240
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