Harrop/Eaton E-locker for Titan, R51 Pathfinder, Titan-Swapped Xterra and Frontier


**M205 E-locker For Titan Swapped Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder**

Just wanted to gauge interest in a M205 front e-locker from Harrop/Eaton. Currently, they have one for the Y62 Patrol which we originally thought would work with the M205 but further conversation with Harrop revealed that the Australian market uses a 34 spline front diff versus a 24 spline (07-15) or 29 spline(04-06 ).

The cost of e-locker comes to ~1200usd, I'm hoping that with enough interest, we could get a group buy price. I am currently in talks with Jayden who deals with aftermarket support and he spoke to management and they are receptive of doing a run of US Market compatible e-lockers.

We just need to see how many are interested. This would be another good option as far as I'm concerned for those that dont want to do an air locker. Feel free to comment and add any more relevant info. Thanks!



Also, not to be a wet blanket, but just spoke to Steve Lutz about this as he is considerably more knowledgeable on this subject than I and here is what he sent to me...

Hi Seth,
The M205 is a different locker is totally different from the Patrol Lockers as it's a North America only diff.
I do have some extra open carriers here that can be sent out of needed for measurements.