Hardware for mounting axe and shovel to roof basket?


I'm looking for a solution for attaching my axe and shovel to my Rhino-rack XTray basket.

Basically just need something that locks to a 1/2" pipe on one side, and can hold the axe/shovel handle on the other, but I'm not sure where to start looking.
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We never carry an axe; we do carry a panga/machete which fits into a drawer inside. If we were to carry an axe (to comply with a regulation somewhere) we'd take the smallest and lightest which would satisfy the rules and would keep it inside as well. We do carry a shovel (lightweight) and simply use an "octopus" to secure it, on top of the sand ladders.


Like mentioned, Quick Fist, they come in various sizes and are fine for most round things. Don't degrade in the sun.
I stopped carrying an ax quite some time ago. I have a folding saw, a machete and sometimes a DeWalt battery chain (12 inch) saw for clearing the occasional downed tree. That stuff is carried inside out of the weather.
Since living in CO and traveling to most states with burn bans I have a propane campfire, seems the rangers now love me.


I am a big fan of the Quick Fists. I use them on my truck, TJ, and trailer for shovels and axes.

But check this out on my Willys' swing away spare tire carrier and how I mounted my axe. I took two 3/8" bolts, and bolted them to the carrier. Then I drilled two holes in the axe (does not compromise it), put a good couple coats of varnish in the exposed hole on the wooden handle, and attached it with some wing nuts. I drilled a hole in the ends of the bolts for a hitch pin.

You might be able to do something with this concept.
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