Hard Sided Canopy "Camper"


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I have a cab high Leer cap on my Frontier with a 6' long bed. The cap is too low to be comfortable sitting up inside and I wondering if anyone has ever used a front opening tool box set on the bed sides and attached the cap to the top of the tool boxes? The boxes are 72" long, 12" deep and 16" high which would give about 52" from the bed to the underside of the cap which should be plenty to sit up on a bed and also work pretty good to change clothes and make a warm place to sleep and get out of the weather. The tool boxes would provide lots of storage space and could be accessed from inside with a little work on making doors on the inside. Northern tool has the boxes made out of 16 gauge steel for under $400 each...shipping on the other hand is $125 each.

Just wondering if it's been done and how it worked out?