Hard shell tent?


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I am wondering if anyone has knowledge of a hard shell tent/structure that is portable. Specifically, something that stores relatively flat, then expands to have hard walls and roof. I vaguely recall seeing something like this 5 to 10 years ago but I am unable to find anything online that represents this type of a product. I am looking for something that could be deployed on a flatbed utility trailer or on the ground.


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I know they used to make Hard Sided pop up camper trailers. I believe the name brands were "Apache" and "Palomino".

My Dad had a mid 80s Palomino Pop up when he first moved to the PNW (after my parents divorce, to be close to where Mom and my brother moved to). He basically full timed in it at a KOA for about 6 months if I recall right. I believe it still had canvas tent bunk ends.

The Apache I have only seen photos of, but they seem to have hard sided bunk ends...


Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but Aliner and others make A-frame trailers like the one above but new and fancier. A quick google will net you results from several manufacturers. If you are looking for an actual hardside tent as opposed to a trailer, I have not seen that.

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