Hard Cover for RTT...3rd time is the Charm??


Here is the third attempt at designing and building a hard cover for my Smittybilt RTT. The first two versions were complicated, hard to seal out the weather, and caused some modification to the tent itself

This new version is simply a cover that sits on an aluminum rim that is installed all around the perimeter of the RTT. Easy to seal. Easy to build using simple plywood boat building technics.

So far the shell is built. Edges need to be routed round. Waiting an order of fiberglass seam tape from Amazon. Once seams are sealed I'll order the gas struts to lift it. It only weighs about 30 pounds, but it is ungainly and a set of struts will be nice.

Once done it will get coated with Rino Truck Bed Liner.

I think this version will be a winner!


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Looks good. If it works as you wish you should try making it in fiberglass to cut the weight.

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The plan would be to have a mold made to duplicate it. But fiberglass would be a little heavier than this construction.


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When I see this the first thing I think is...make it light enough and you can take it off and use it as a table.

Mold it in light weight uv resistant plastic, with legs on the inside that fold out.

Something like these, upside down


with this style legs, but some cheap ikea hollow metal tube stuff or whatever....


anyway, just a thought...that I couldn't get out of my head till I typed it.


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Why did you feel the need for a hard cover? How will you seal the bottom from dust, dirt and moisture?


When the RTT is on the cap on my truck, it is over 8' in the air. Putting the cover on and securing the Velcro was extremely difficult. Requires me to carry a ladder. And the aerodynamics is horrible. This top will make my soft top RTT much like a hard top RTT.

My wife suggested that I simply build another boat that goes over the RTT......

It will seal all around the bottom edge with foam weather stripping. Here is a picture of the 2" aluminum that I bolted around the RTT for the top to rest against.....IMG_20191230_201543829.jpg