Harbor Freight "Pelican" knock offs


Harbor Freight has introduced their own line of "Pelican" like cases in three different sizes. I picked up a large and medium yesterday and with coupons, they are pretty darn cheap. Clearly, not the build quality of a Pelican but they really are pretty well constructed.


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Thanks!... got one they are indeed fare to good quality... printed a coupon and will make a run to my favorite junk store this week..
These are the nearly identical to the inexpensive cases on Amazon but have a thin sheet metal piece around the pad lock holes.


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Darn it, just when I think I've convinced myself not to spend money on anything for a while....

Those look nice, already getting a few ideas. Pelican isn't in my budget, but for most things I don't really need Pelican quality, I don't put my good stuff in that much risk.


If you guys want something in between pelican and this check out seahorse cases. Some good deals to be had on amazon if you don’t need the foam. Even with the foam they occasionally have reasonable prices.

That being said I’ll likely be grabbing one or two of these. Wife wants a “trunk” on our golf cart and this will do nicely.


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Just picked up one of the small ones for my action cams, I like. Only $9.99 with coupon.

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I seen a review on the pick and pull foam going all the way to the bottom so you had a difficult time making a clean space, was it like that on yours?

I'm debating hitting HF up on my way home to look at them if anything, I don't have a coupon handy at the moment but I'll dig into my email. Haven't figured out what I need them for yet but I have some camera and drone gear that needs a better home.
I seen a review on the pick and pull foam going all the way to the bottom so you had a difficult time making a clean space, was it like that on yours?

I bought the large one and there is a thin (not too thin) layer of foam below the pick and pull. I pulled out the shape I needed and then I just trimmed the pick and pull to the height (or is that depth) I wanted and stuck it back in where needed.


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Awesome, thanks guys. If I can I think I'm going by this evening to see if I can find these, and one of those long razor knives since you mentioned it. The longer I think on it the more ideas I get. If I don't talk myself out of it I'll probably go home with one of each size just to figure out what sizes I need extras of.

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Well I did get one of each, coupon worked great, thanks! I got the last large one they had which seems to be the most useful size overall.

So far already filled the large and medium, haven't figured out what I will do with the small one yet.

The large one holds my drone support gear, the drone itself I secure to my ceiling netting in the truck fully assembled so it's ready to fly, and I keep it's batteries inside a 30cal metal ammo can because of the fire hazard of LiPo's. This case neatly keeps the charging gear and controller safe.

My ho hum camera gear fits in the medium, I just removed the foam in it and used the foam I removed from the large to make a pad for the batteries so if I change my mind later I have new foam.

These are great, thanks for posting about them. I've been wanting pelican type cases a while but knew the name brand cases would cost more than the gear in them, and it's not like I'm going to demand the extreme from these, but they seem quite well made and protective. I woulden't mind another large one or two for the roof rack.

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